About Us

About Us

Simple Shower Solutions is an Edmonton based company that services all of Canada and now shipping into the States.

Richard started as RBI Construction in 1995 , and Lance joined him in 2003. Together, they have done construction and renovation projects large and small, and have lots of extremely satisfied customers.

With RBI Construction, they’ve done lots of renovations for high end homes in Alberta. In these projects, they were always looking for a satisfactory solution for showers in second floor bathrooms – where leakage MUST be eliminated. They tried many products, but found nothing that met the quality and assurance that RBI Construction became known for. Finally, they perfected the product that you see on these pages.

While using the product in several installations, they realized that they found something that fills a large gap in the market – a one piece custom drop in shower base that is 100% guaranteed not to leak, ready-to-tile and easy to use for contractors and Do-It-Yourselfer’s alike. They were so impressed with the new product, that they formed Simple Shower Solutions.

In only a few short months of business, the decision to become the full time manufacturer of the Ready to Tile Shower Base has proven to be water-tight. This product does the job better than the competition, is easy to measure up and install, and provides great value for customers.

We’ve earned our reputation for commitment to quality, prompt delivery and the best customer service in the industry.